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Crux P2P 5.8

CruX lets you download any file type from numerous popular P2P networks
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CruxP2P is a file-sharing application for Windows computers. The application allows you to connect to several P2P networks and download files off them. The graphical user interface resembles most of the other popular P2P applications, like Morpheus or Emule. However, I have obtained better results with Emule in the past. Once you open the application, you can connect to a server and start a file search. If you get any results from your search, you can go ahead and download them. You can see how many people have the file that you want, what the average swarm speed is and more. The file will start downloading, but since P2P networks aren't necessarily the fastest networks for file sharing, you might be better off going for torrents. The web site of this application seems a little fishy in that download links are not clear and there are lots of advertisement. I wouldn't download and run this application if you don't have a good antivirus software or care a lot for what is in your computer.

José Fernández
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